Pricing & Offers

Buy Your Jewelery in Best Price with Best Offers

Fashion Jewelery is well known for their pricing and offers. Right from diamond rings, diamond bangles and diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, diamond sets, bridal diamond necklace, diamond pendants to diamond wedding jewelry whatever you want to buy, you will get it in attractive and totally affordable price. Besides of that we provide special offers in any kind of festival or occasion. 

We like to think that it is because you are a discerning buyer of luxury items and you value the impeccable quality of traditionally hand-fabricated diamond jewelry, amongst other things ! 

·    You want uncompromising quality.
·    You want a custom personalized service tailored to your requirements.
·    You want exceptional diamonds handpicked to maximize fire and brilliance.
·    You want perfection, a diamonds jewellery masterpiece justifiably viewed as a future heirloom.

An Approximate Pricing Details of our Jewelery is given below   

Diamond ring: Starting Price-  Rs ****

Diamond bracelets: Starting Price-  Rs ****

Diamond earring: Starting Price-  Rs ****

Diamond sets: Starting Price-  Rs ****

Diamond necklace: Starting Price-  Rs ****